A Little Time With The 1689: Day 334

Day 334

Of the Church.

Chapter 26, Paragraph 11.

“Although it be incumbent on the Bishops or Pastors of the Churches, to be instant in Preaching the Word, by way of Office; yet the work of Preaching the Word is not so peculiarly confined to them; but that others also gifted and fitted by the Holy Spirit for it, and approved, and called by the Church, may and ought to perform it.”

Scripture Lookup

Acts 11:19-21

1 Peter 4:10,11


Who gets to preach? Could any man get up and deliver a sermon? Should only those who are pastors be allowed to preach?

While pastors ought to preach to their people, the role of preaching is not limited to ordained ministers. There are men who may not have had training or have been called to an office within the church, but have been gifted with teaching and preaching. In giving these men a chance to display their skills, the church is further strengthened and edified by the preaching done in her midst.

While the church should recognize those with the gift of preaching, it should be careful not to thrust any man into that position quickly. The recognition of a layman’s gift for preaching should come after a time of observation, and it should be the decision of the whole church. This way the preaching of the word is kept in high regard, not to be taken lightly.

With the rise of popularity among Calvinists for public preaching, it is important that measures be taken among churches to approve and call men who are gifted for preaching. While all are called to share the Gospel, not all are meant to be preachers. Having the church recognize some for preaching the word will ensure that these men are held accountable and that those who are gifted are able to use their gifts.

Questions to Consider

  • Does your church recognize any laymen that have the gift of preaching?



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