A Little Time With The 1689: Day 347

Day 347

Of Baptism.

Chapter 29, Paragraph 1.

“… and of giving up unto God through Jesus Christ to live and walk in newness of life.”

Scripture Lookup

Romans 6:4


Baptism is a sign to those being baptized of their union with Christ. It symbolizes their unity with Him in His death and in His resurrection. The remission of sins is signified by water. Baptism also is a sign of the Christian’s new life.

Choosing to be baptized should not be done out of peer pressure, a desire for attention, or to receive a cool t-shirt. Rather, one should enter the waters of baptism out of a humble obedience to Christ’s command. In baptism you are admitting to those present that you are a sinner, that you cannot save yourself. You are proclaiming that Jesus called you out of the world, that He regenerated you and is working sanctification in you by His Spirit. You are no longer unable to do good, but are now a slave to righteousness (Romans 6:19).

What does it say if you are baptized but live as if there were no change in you? Your baptism is a testimony to a changed life. No longer follow after the foolish and fleeting passions of this world. Walk in the newness of life your baptism points to.

Questions to Consider

  • How does the ordinance of baptism help you in your spiritual life?



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