The Baptist Catechism – Questions 14-16, Divine Providence and Our First Parents

Q.14: What are God’s works of providence?

A. God’s works of providence are His most holy, wise, and powerful preserving and governing of all His creatures, and all their actions.

( Psalm 145:17; 104:24; Isaiah 28:29; Hebrews 1:3; Psalm 103:19; Matthew 10:29-31 )


Q.15: What special act of providence did God exercise toward man in the estate wherein he was created?

A. When God had created man, He entered into a covenant of life with him upon condition of perfect obedience: forbidding him to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, upon pain of death.

( Galatians 3:12; Genesis 2:17 )


Q.16: Did our first parents continue in the estate wherein they were created?

A. Our first parents being left to the freedom of their own will, fell from the estate wherein they were created, by sinning against God.

( Genesis 3:6-8, 13; Ecclesiastes 7:29 )

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