The Confessing Baptist: Hercules Collins’ The Orthodox Catechism

Our very own Junior reproduced The Orthodox Catechism, below is an intro, and a link to the Scrib’d version.

In 1680, Pastor Hercules_Collins of Old Gravel Lane Particular Baptist Church, London, England, and Subscriber to the Second London Baptist Confession of Faith, revised the Heidelberg_Catechism for his church and published it as the Orthodox Catechism.

Included in the Orthodox Catechism are two sections rejected by the 1677 General Assembly of Particular Baptists, those being “Of Singing of Psalms and &” and “Of the Laying on of Hands”. Although rejected by the London Assembly, these two sections were added by the Philadelphia Baptist Association to the Second London Baptist Confession of Faith and published in 1742 as the Philadelphia Baptist Confession of Faith.

Get it here.

from The Confessing Baptist.


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