CCF Episode Twenty-Three: Christian Liberty According to the 1689 (Part One)


In this episode, Billy and JD sit down to discuss Christian liberty as it is laid out in The Baptist Confession. Featuring music from Josh White and Stephen the Levite.

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“Modern Christians seem to marginalize the doctrine of Christian liberty. The subject is rarely discussed in any systematic theologies. Even practical books on Christian living often gloss over the topic. For some, the doctrine of Christian liberty is just not that important in relationship to other doctrines of the faith. For others, the doctrine of Christian liberty is too controversial. Consequently, many modern Christians fail to give this doctrine the attention it deserves.” – from Dr. Bob Gonzalez over at It Is Written, read more…

“Many of today’s young evangelicals have happily thrown off the legalistic fundamentalism of their childhood. They’ve come to a greater understanding of God’s abundant grace, and the gospel has liberated them from slavery to guilt and fear. That’s a very good thing. But I submit that recovering the gospel alone isn’t enough to keep legalism at bay. We need a renewed emphasis on the law of God or else legalism will inevitably reemerge. Specifically, we need a clear emphasis on (1) the law as a covenant, and (2) the law as a standard or rule.” – from Tom Hicks over at The Blog (Founders), read more…

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The Baptist Confession & The Baptist Catechism
edited by James Renihan

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