An Orthodox Baptism

I would not be surprised to discover that our readers are more familiar with Jason Delgado and his work over at Confessing Baptist than they are with us and our work here at CredoCovenant. I’ve known Delgado for years, and he has never attempted anything if he could not do it with the utmost professionalism and class. Recently, Jason was asked to teach on baptism at Sovereign Joy Community Church as part of their series on Hercules Collins’ An Orthodox Catechism. As always, he delivered above and beyond his assigned task. These lessons are helpful gems for any Presbyterians seeking a deeper understanding of what Baptists believe about baptism and why, and for any Baptists seeking to solidify their beliefs regarding CredoCovenant Theology.


Note: This post may undergo revisions in the future. Please listen, share, and revisit in the future.

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