A Little Time With The 1689: Day 55


Day 55

Of God’s Decree

Chapter 3, Paragraph 1.

“..in which appears His wisdom in disposing all things, and power and faithfulness in accomplishing His decree.”

Scripture Lookup

Numbers 23:19.

Ephesians 1:3-5.


Through the unfolding of events, God’s wisdom, power, and faithfulness is displayed. Through the actions and movements of individuals, through the rise and fall of nations, through natural cause and effect, God’s decrees are carried out. These decrees have divine wisdom to their order, divine power to their potency, and divine faithfulness to their steadfast path.

Is there anything that God has failed to accomplish? How often we look at our own circumstances, at a difficult situation, and think that God will not fulfill His promises! And yet, when we look at Scripture, we see God working throughout history to fulfill His will. The wisdom of God is shown in decreeing the ultimate order to bring our good and God’s glory. A Savior is promised in Genesis, and it is foretold that the serpent will bruise his heel, but that this Savior will crush the serpent’s head. Sinners are blind to their sin, but the Gospel opens their eyes and God is glorified.

The power of God to accomplish His decrees is demonstrated throughout history. The Israelites, oppressed by Pharaoh, are released from slavery through God’s might. They occupy the promised land of Canaan through His aid. Jesus, conspired against, betrayed, beaten, crucified, rises from the dead. The church, persecuted and hated, spreads and grows through the mighty power of God.

God’s faithfulness is thus shown in the outworkings of history. What He has said, will be accomplished. We look to the past and see His faithfulness to His promises. We can look to the future and be confident that He will continue to be faithful to His promises. To have such a trustworthy, strong, and wise God as our God is such a marvelous privilege!

Questions to Consider

  • Can you see the wisdom, power and faithfulness of God when reflecting on your life?

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