A Little Time With The 1689: Day 125


Day 125

Of God’s Covenant.

Chapter 7, Paragraph 3.

and it is alone by the Grace of this Covenant, that all the posterity of fallen Adam, that ever were saved, did obtain life and blessed immortality; man being now utterly incapable of acceptance with God upon those terms, on which Adam stood in his state of innocency.

Scripture Lookup

Hebrews 11;6,13

Romans 4:1,2, &c.

Acts 4:12

John 8:56


All the elect, all who have ever been saved throughout history, all who have obtained everlasting life, have been saved through the covenant of grace. There is not one way of salvation for those before Christ and a different way after Christ. There is not another way to gain eternal life apart from this covenant. There is salvation in no one else, and no other name under heaven by which men must be saved. The covenant of grace, in which life and salvation are freely offered to sinners who believe in Jesus Christ, is our only hope at redemption.

Why is the covenant of grace the only way to be saved? Because the other option has become forever out of our reach, thanks to Adam. We can never obey God perfectly in our own strength. It is impossible. We are weak, fallen creatures. Some might try to excuse their imperfection, claiming that God is pleased with good intentions, but they forget that God is a holy and righteous God. He cannot abide in the presence of sin. Good intentions are not enough to fulfill the law. We need the righteousness of Christ Himself, the One who not only intended to fulfill the law, but actually did fulfill the law on behalf of his sheep. We need His atoning sacrifice. Only through belief in Him can there be any acceptance by God.

Therefore all who have been saved, have been saved through the covenant of grace. Those men and women of old who looked forward to the coming of the Savior – they were saved through the covenant of grace. Those disciples in the New Testament who believed in Jesus – they were saved through the covenant of grace. Those believers of a millennium ago, those who believe now, and those who will have faith in Christ in the future – all are saved through the beautiful covenant of grace. There is no room for boasting. There is no place for superiority. It is by grace we have been saved.

Questions to Consider

  • Is it difficult to accept that the covenant of grace is the only way the elect are saved?

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