A Little Time With The 1689: Day 124


Day 124

Of God’s Covenant.

Chapter 7, Paragraph 3.

…and it is founded in that eternal covenant transaction that was between the Father and the Son about the redemption of the elect;…

Scripture Lookup

2 Timothy 1:9

Titus 1:2


Through the Confession so far, we learned that God has decreed all things that come to pass. This also includes the Son taking on human flesh and laying down His life for sinners, that covenant of grace revealed in the gospel. The agreement between the members of the Trinity to redeem those sinners is called the covenant of redemption.

In eternity past, God the Father and God the Son solemnly agreed to save the elect. The Father sent His only begotten Son so that whoever believes will not perish. These who believe are given to the Son by the Father. (John 10:29) The Father raised Jesus from the dead, and has set Him at His right hand, glorifying Him with the glory they shared in eternity past.

The Son lived a life of perfect obedience to His Father. Was the Son forced to do this? No way! The Son willingly came to earth, because He desired to do the will of the Father. He made the Father known. He did the works of the Father. (John 14:12) He laid His life down for His sheep, and the Father loves Him for this.

The Holy Spirit supported Jesus through His life and aided Him in His ministry. In each step of His sinless life, the Lord relied on the Spirit to enable Him to keep the Law perfectly in His humanity. That same Spirit that helped Jesus is sent to His disciples, and applies Christ’s work to them.

Because of God’s faithfulness in keeping the covenant of redemption, we who are in Christ now receive the blessings of the covenant of grace. We are accepted by the Father because of the Son. We know the Father because the Son has made Him known. The Holy Spirit confirms that we are children of God. Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!

Questions to Consider

  • How does the covenant of redemption affect your view of the gospel?

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