A Little Time With The 1689: Day 309

Day 309

Of Marriage.

Chapter 25, Paragraph 2.

“…for the increase of Man-kind, with a legitimate issue,…”

Scripture Lookup

Genesis 1:28


Through technology and medical advances, we today have the ability to separate sexual intimacy and childbearing to an extent unheard of in the 17th century. This has led to a variety of opinions concerning reproduction. Such opinions range from no children ever, to children being nice but not necessary, to have as many as you can no matter what. We think of children as a choice we make, and such a view affects how we view marriage.

When children are born out of wedlock, the sexual act that led to the child is no longer condemned by our society. It is simply regarded as another choice. How many times, though, is the announcement of an unwed pregnancy met with disapproval for not being responsible? “Responsible” in our society means not getting pregnant. The real irresponsibility, though, is in accepting such relationships as neither wrong nor inferior. While life is to be treasured, the marriage relationship is the institution through which children are to enter the world. The benefit of being born to a married couple far outweighs being born out of wedlock, because God has ordained marriage to be the vehicle for reproduction. Anything outside of that is sin.

Marriage is about more than yourself. In it, you are aiding your spouse physically, emotionally, and spiritually. And one of the purposes of marriage is to have children. To welcome new life and devote yourself to the upbringing of this life is self-sacrificing, and it is hard. Yet it is a blessing marriage provides. When a man and woman commit to aiding each other, and children are the fruit of that union, there is stability for the children. There is a shared history. There is a family.

Questions to Consider

  • How does your view of children affect your view of marriage?


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